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Bio: I'm a HUGE nerd/dork, whatever you want to call me (neither offend me). Let's see, a quick rundown of my dorkocity (I believe this to be an accurate term for me, just ask my friends): ~L-O-V-E- NKOTB (See them every time they come to Houston!...EVERY. TIME!), ~I will stop whatever I'm doing to watch Golden Girls, even though I've seen them all. ~When driving over swampy areas, I ALWAY (discreetly) look out the window to spot gators. I think I'm discrete, hubs spots me and laughs because I'm an idiot. I do this with sharks too! (Did I mention I'm a dork?) ~When alone, I will sing and dance wildly...and horribly! But it makes me happy. Anyway, that's just SOME, I'm sure my friends would like a laundry list more!! I love writing, it is constantly on my mind, but I do it just for me. It's always been an outlet for me when I am feeling...whatever it is I am feeling. I love reading, and it's takes up a lot of my time. So much so, that on my birthday this year (35!!) my hubby proceeded to roast me in front of my parents and kids at a rather quiet restaurant. Needless to say, my cheeks were burning red and now, I don't think I'll ever live down my reading obsession. I love photography! I worked with my mom as a professional photographer for 5 years, full-time, until taking it over from her when she decided to try something else out. It has been so wonderful to meet people and experience milestones with them. I think my FAVORITE part is designing albums, a HUGE creative outlet for me. I am a wife and mom, but I'd like to think there is more to me than just that (although I love both roles tremendously!) My kids are my world! I know that they are the reason I was put on this earth. I think this is the one thing in my life that I can say I am awesome at! Yes, I make mistakes, just like everyone, but I think I am a pretty kick-ass mom.

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